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Dropship FAQs


We know there is a lot to take in when you venture into Drop Shipping, so we've put together this page so you can quickly find the answers to the questions we're most commonly asked.  If there is any information you can’t find here please contact us at



Why can’t I see any prices?

Prices are only visible after registration for an account, this is to prevent the general public being able to see the prices our customers pay for the products.


Do you have an annual subscription fee?

No, registration is free for all trading businesses.  As so we ask that you provide us with as many details about your company as possible to speed up the application process for your account.

Why is there a £1 charge on my order?

Any orders under £3 items net will incur a £1 small order charge. This is to cover picking and packing fees.

When can I place my first order?

After registration your application for an account will be activated within 1-2 working days*.  At this point you will receive a second welcome email and will be able to add items to your shopping cart.


Do your Prices include VAT?

All of our prices on the website are before VAT, tax will be added in the shopping cart.


How much do I charge my customers for products?

All the products on the site have a RRP listed with them, this is only a guideline and the final decision on what to charge is up to you.


Do your prices include shipping?

The prices shown on the pages are for the item only, shipping prices can be found here Delivery Prices and will be added in the shopping cart.


Can I have your products shipped to myself or does it have to go directly to my customer?

Once you purchase a product you can have it shipped to any destination of your choice, including your own.


Can you gift wrap my orders?

We do not currently offer a gift wrapping service, orders are packed in unmarked new and recycled packaging.


Where should I sell your products?

Once you decide to trade it is up to you where you sell and how you advertise our products, there is no need to have your own website.


How do I pay?

Payment is made via PayPal or Debit / Credit card and is charged on checkout, we do not operate any account systems. 


Where do you Dropship to?

We Dropship Worldwide. Orders to the UK, anywhere within the EU and popular world destinations can be placed through the shopping cart, for prices for shipments not on the delivery page please contact


What happens if an item arrives faulty, or damaged in transit?

This can be found in full here: Terms & Conditions - but in short, we require photographic evidence for any item under £15 in value and a replacement will be dispatched.


I have received my item but it is not the colour I specified?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the colour you have chosen from an assorted pack will be available, in this case we would randomly select a colour.

Do you offer exclusivity?

As we sell both wholesale and drop ship worldwide, as well as selling through 3rd parties we cannot offer this as it is nearly impossible for us to police.


Can I get a further discount for ordering multiple products?

Unless otherwise advertised there is no bulk discount on drop shipping orders, if you wish to place an order of over £500 for one specific item code (not several items in the same or different range) please contact


Will the Ancient Wisdom name appear on the product I've sold?

Yes and No, we produce and manufacture some goods ourselves (either here in the UK or our suppliers abroad).  Ancient Wisdom as a brand name will appear on some goods.  These goods will be either a) Goods we manufacture ourselves b) Goods manufactured exclusively for us that we import from outside of the EU. We also sell goods manufactured by other companies, in this case their name will appear on the packaging.


So my customers will know the goods came from Ancient Wisdom, not me?

Your customers will just know who manufactured the goods, much like buying a mobile phone make, you bought it from the shop, not the manufacturer.


Will any paperwork be sent with the goods?

No, no paperwork is sent with the goods other than the courier label. 


How can I amend an order, or add delivery instructions after an order has been placed?

If you wish to leave any instructions for an order, or amend any details after an order has been placed please email us stating the order number and amendments.  (Please note in some cases an amendment cannot be made manually and we may have to cancel and refund the order for it to be placed again.  Please do not send messages via PayPal when checking out as we do not receive these messages.

How long after an item is dispatched will my customer receive their order?

Orders sent via small parcel (under 1kg) will be delivered within 3-5 working days after dispatch. For orders sent via courier (1kg+), delivery is the next working day (UK mainland only).


Can Ancient Wisdom help me design my website?

Unfortunately beyond the data feeds we supply we cannot provide web development assistance as our customers operate though many selling mediums and at our side we have a small dedicated IT team that maintain our Drop Shipping and wholesale IT infrastructure. We often recommend people visit the relevant Drop Shipping forums to decide what method will best suit their means. 


The stock figures show plenty of stock, very low stock, and out of Stock, what does this mean in terms of numbers?

Stock levels are dependent on sales dynamics, a slow moving line will not require the same level of stock as a fast moving item to be considered high stock.  If it is high (a green dot) then we are unlikely to run out in the short term, Low (amber) and Very Low (orange) mean you should be aware we could sell out. If the product is out of stock (red) and we are on re-order the Portfolio page will show the expected date of arrival. 


Can I get prices in a currency other than Pound Sterling?

All prices listed on the Ancient Wisdom Drop Shipping website are in Pound Sterling, and this is the accepted payment currency.  We recommend you visit for the most up-to-date currency conversion rates.


The picture shows multiple items but the description says sold individually, what will my customer receive?

Most items on Drop Shipping are sold individually unless stated otherwise in the product descriptions, photographs are for illustrative purposes only.


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