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Kalimba Antique Coconut

Product code: DMI-13

Kalimba Antique Coconut is a remarkable decorative musical instrument meticulously handcrafted in Bali with a coconut shell body and features 7 steel keys that produce a warm and resonant tone. The designs carved into the coconut shell add a touch of elegance to the instrument, making it a beautiful decorative piece.

The Kalimba, also known as a thumb piano or finger piano, offers a delightful and soothing sound when plucked. It's easy to play, making it perfect for beginners and experienced musicians alike. 

▪️ Dimensions: Approximately 14cm (5.5 inches) diameter

▪️ Material: Coconut shell body and steel keys 

▪️ Handcrafted in Bali

▪️ Produces melodious tones

▪️ Easy to play for all skill levels

▪️ Each piece is a unique celebration of nature and craftsmanship

Origin Indonesia
Net weight 0,18Kg /piece
Shipping weight 0,2Kg
Materials / Ingredients Coconut, Steel
Barcode 5056368326080
Materials / Ingredients