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Buddha Wide Top Djembe Drum - 13cm

Product code: DD-03

The Wide Top Djembe Drum 25cm with a Buddha Design on the skin is a distinct and culturally inspired percussion instrument that combines the rich musical traditions of West Africa with the spiritual and artistic symbolism of Buddhism. The Wide Top Djembe Drum features a flared top, which provides a broad playing surface and enhances the instrument's resonance. 

The Buddha design on the drumhead is an artistic element that adds a unique and spiritual dimension to the instrument. Buddha, a central figure in Buddhism, represents enlightenment, peace, and wisdom.

The Buddha Wide Top Djembe Drum brings together the traditions of West African percussion and the spiritual essence of Buddhism. This fusion of cultural elements results in a unique and captivating instrument that can be used in musical performances, cultural events, or as a decorative piece symbolising the harmony between diverse traditions.

Diameter: 13cm

Height: 25cm

Origin Indonesia
Net weight 0.3Kg /Piece
Shipping weight 0.3Kg
Dimensions 25x13 (cm)
Materials / Ingredients Suar wood, Cotton, Goat Skin
Barcode 5056368326257
Materials / Ingredients