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Hop Hare Mystic Essentials

Product code: BNDL-13

Unveil the magic within with the Hop Hare Mystic Essentials Bundle. This carefully curated collection is designed to empower your intuition, awaken your inner wisdom, and cultivate a sense of magic in your daily life.

What's included:
🌙 Hop Hare Crystal Magic Flower Candle - The Moon: Step into the mystical world this magical candle, crafted with Amethyst gemstone and lavender flowers. Each candle comes with a tarot card, unveiling a captivating story within the calming embrace of Lavender Hills.

🌙 Hop Hare Tarot Tote Bag: This design showcases The Moon Tarot Card, a symbol of mystery, intuition, and the subconscious mind. The moon's connection to the tides reflects the vast potential within us. Paired with the affirmation "I am powerful," this tote bag empowers individuals to tap into their inner strength and wisdom.
🌙 Hop Hare Affirmation Pouch: This wolf-adorned pouch isn't just for storing essentials, it's a reminder of the strength you carry within. Each time you use the pouch, repeat the affirmation out loud to draw inspiration and empower you.

🌙 Hop Hare Gemstone Essential Oil Roll-on: Enhance your rituals and tap into the power of aromatherapy with this gemstone-infused essential oil roll-on. Within the heart of each roll-on lies a Amethyst gemstones, known for its ability to tranquilise frenzied thoughts and align the mind with a higher state of consciousness. 

🌙 Hop Hare Day & Night Bamboo Socks: Stay grounded and comfortable throughout your day with these luxurious bamboo socks. Featuring a playful moon and sun design, they're a subtle reminder of the magic that exists within each moment.

Embark on your mystical journey today with this Hop Hare Mystic Essentials Bundle!

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